My wife Alison and I have been charting using the Billings Ovulation Method since February of 2006.

After using the stickers, I decided that some type of web-based solution would be more convenient. I developed the first iteration of my NFP Charting utility, and my wife and I have been working out the bugs as we use it ourselves.

In January of 2007 I got the idea to make this chart usable by multiple users, and decided to make it available online for a nominal cost. This utility was built to allow the users to chart using the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning. It makes no attempt to predict when you will be fertile, but simply allows you to do away with the stickers. This utility should not be used by someone who has not had training in the Billings Ovulation Method.

Find out where to get training at BOMA-USA (or WOOMB outside of the US.)

Lawson and Alison Culver
Olive Branch, MS

Privacy Policy

NFP Charting Online is dedicated to preserving the privacy of its users.  Because of the nature of the site, the following data about you is stored in our database:

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As the sole owner/developer of the site, I am the only person that has direct access to this information.  I will not sell, trade, or give away your personal information to anyone.

Should you choose to allow a teacher to view your information, it will also be viewable to the teacher you select.  Should you remove the teacher at any time, that teacher will no longer have access to your charting data.

Should you have any questions at all about our Privacy Policy, please contact me at:  support@nfpcharting.com.

Lawson Culver
Founder/Owner of NFP Charting Online